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by Tanitin Aldine (tanitin)
at December 11th, 2005 (08:49 pm)

What's required to be in this RP Community?

Love for Kingdom Hearts, and other things. Like being literate. This is a bit of a literate RP. Which means, paragraphs people! No one-liners! First off, I'll need a profile from you, and a possible sample of work from you. You can type up the first paragraph of your character's introduction post and show that to me at the end of your profile. I'll show what profiles need once I make my characters'.

Second of all, you kinda need to know how to use tags. If you don't, don't worry. I just want you to know, however, what to do when you post something in this community.

To use tags, type words in the 'tag' section of the Update Journal page and seperate the different tags by commas (,).

attention(used by only the Mods/Owner)

OOC stands for Out of Character. You should use it when you need to speak to the players themselves, but not in the actual RP, about something important. You must also use this tag when posting things like profiles. If you post a profile, you must also include your character(s) name(if multiple, seperate with commas).

IC stands for In-Character, as in the RP. For these "in the RP" types, you must include your character(s)'s name(if multiple, seperate with commas), and the name of the place(s).

Here are some examples:

You are a new player and want to show a profile of your character, Bob. You put this in the tag section:
ooc, Bob, profile

If you want to show Bob and Bill:
ooc, Bob, Bill, profile

If you want to post for Bob and Bill in End of the World in the RP:
ic, bob, bill, end of the world

If you are a mod, and you want to tell something VERY important to the others:
ooc, attention

Just want to type an OOC post about the RP?:

Another thing about OOC posts: The OOC posts MUST be about the RP. No random OOC that will flood the community's page and other peoples' friends pages. Please keep that to Instant Messaging. And no comments just to one person. If you have a question about something, reply with a comment to their post.

If you wish to add a very small OOC note, just put "OOC:" before what you were planning to say. And if you continue to RP right after that, put "RP:".

And remember people, this is a PRE-KINGDOM HEARTS RP. Which means, only a few chars from KH will be RPed. NO ONE can be a keyblader, because that's just unfair. Yes, most characters will either be original, or just non-KH Final Fantasy and/or Disney characters. You all can be good, evil, neutral, or even apart of the Defenders of Hearts. But I'll explain more about that later.