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Profile Requirements
by Tanitin Aldine (tanitin)
at January 16th, 2006 (04:34 pm)

Name: Bob
Age: 15
Weapon(s): Sword
Describe Weapon(s): Long, sharp
Description of Appearance:
Abilities: Example-Second Wind, Trinity, etc.
Alliance: Good, Evil, Unknown, Neutral
Occupation: Example-Shopkeeper, NPC, Defender of Heart, etc.
Short Bio: Bob is a warrior from Traverse Town that wants to help kill the Heartless
Permission: Am I allowed to use your character in an online manga, free RPG, stories, etc.? I will give credit, of course.

Sure, it has to be longer than this, you know...XD But you get the general idea. I'd like it if each description and the Bio were at least a paragraph or three sentences long.

Try and describe things as best as you can. If it will be too difficult or confusing to describe some parts of the weapons/appearance, then please include a picture. You CANNOT replace the description itself with a picture. The picture is just to help clarify things.

I would also like it if you have an opening post, that you would send it to me or another person in charge of the community so we can see if it's good for the situation and/or for the community itself.

by Tanitin Aldine (tanitin)
at December 11th, 2005 (08:49 pm)

What's required to be in this RP Community?

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